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Swingbridge Hollyford

4 Reasons Why You Should Bring the Gang Together for a Group Tour of New Zealand

Clubs, conference hoppers, team-builders, school students and enthusiasts of all stripes share a common trait or three – curiosity, passion and a never-ending thirst for knowledge. Leave the tired box of predictable activities behind and dive into an adventure, precisely designed to appeal to your unique interests, group size and travel needs. Whether you’re a CEO, a hobbyist, a student or a retiree, our New Zealand group tours will more than satisfy even the most obscure bucket-list.

Not convinced our group tours are quite right for your club, community or company? We understand, group travel is rarely discussed or written about at length. Here are five reasons why an affordable group tour is just what you need to get the most out of your time and team.


1. Something for Everyone

Ski Groups

Ski Groups??

And we do mean everyone. From foodie fanatics to car connoisseurs, aviation authorities, wondersome walking groups or fun in the snow, our team is committed to delivering a tailored experience to suit a specified budget and focus. Travelling overseas on its own can be memorable, but our professional mission guarantees every single person in your group will return home with a satisfied smile, a full camera and countless stories, all collected on the road.

2. Discounts Galore

Excursions, activities and day-trips can add up if you’re not careful – it’s easy to shop with your eyes, imagining what you’ll do and what the group sees, plotting out days and nights of creative engagement and learning… until the cost becomes apparent. Our reputation opens the door on competitive discounts, reduced packages and budget-friendly pricing, ensuring your group gets the biggest bang for their buck from arrival to departure.

3. Max Out Motivation

Biking Jacks Point

Biking Jacks Point

Speaking directly to our school and corporate travellers, a group tour can inspire a group to work hard, communicate more effectively and return to their desk with renewed vigour. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But think of the last time you took the team or class out on a ropes course… at first, the consensus leaned towards peak dorkiness, but as people loosened up and related to each other away from the work and learning environment, morale increased and bit-by-bit, everyone reached their goal. Times this scenario by one hundred. Traveling together will create priceless memories, strengthen bonds and generate an overall atmosphere of co-operation – what could be better to witness as a teacher or manager?

4. Everything is Done for You

Our team will be on hand to help from the first day of planning to the flight home, piecing together a group experience that ticks your boxes. Accommodation, transport, flights, meals, must-dos, must-sees, and side-trips that could be interesting – Kirra Tours partner with you to engineer the unforgettable, without hassle or double-speak. You’ll know exactly what comes next.

Call one of our Group Tour Specialists today or click through to our contact page to provide us with more information about your plans.