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Need to know - Australia

What do you need to know when travelling to Australia?

G’day mate! Welcome to the Land Down Under. Before you head out into a sunburnt landscape of beaches, cities and natural wonders, take note of a few things you need to know for a smooth, happy holiday. There’s a lot to cover, and while we’d normally introduce you to a few sights and highlights in further detail, we think the following list speaks for itself – Aussies are a friendly lot, but they do things a bit differently.


Keep Left!

Australians drive to the left and their steering wheel is on the right side of the car. While we’re on the road, remember Aussies observe the metric system, so all distances are in kilometres; roads are generally well-marked and signed; toilets are usually only available at rest-stops and shops; and Outback trips need to be well planned. Work with ANZCRO to figure out your needs if you intend to cross the interior, as hundreds of kilometres can separate you and the next petrol bowser.


Australian Slang/English is Alive and Well

Australians tend to shorten their words and let local slang dominate conversations. Here are some of the most common terms:

Arvo = afternoon

Yeah nah = no/I don’t think so

Nah yeah = yes/I agree

Servo = service/petrol station

Heaps = very/really/a lot

She’ll be right = everything will be fine

Chips = both fries and crisps

Have a good one = have a good night/day

Loose unit = unpredictable

Chockers = full

Thongs = flip flops

Bludge = be lazy

Scarnon = what’s going on?

Tomato sauce = ketchup

Sick = awesome/cool

No wukkas = no worries

Have a crack = to give something a try

Swimmers/togs = bathing suit


Not Everything Can Kill You

There’s a rumour on the internet that Australia is a land of deadly slithering, wriggling and swimming things, bent on making you their next conquest. While we can’t deny the presence of snakes – the Taipan is particularly terrifying – creepy crawlies and sharks, you have a greater chance of being involved in a car accident and you probably still drive every day. Don’t let the drop bears (over-exaggerated facts) stop you from exploring the great southern land.


The Sun is Serious Business

Australia can feel like it’s centimetres from the midday sun, with a UV index to match; even when it feels a little chilly on a clear day, your chances of getting sunburnt are still extraordinarily high. Australia is right beneath a thinning section of the ozone layer, meaning they take their sunscreen messages very seriously – although it may be tempting to catch a few rays by the beach, the burn you’ll live with later may not be worth it. Re-apply sunscreen regularly!


Summer is Different Everywhere

Speaking of heat, despite what you see on TV, Australia isn’t a consistent country in terms of climate. It’s huge. There are a lot of different climate zones swirling around there – expect the unexpected as wind, rain, and violent storms characterise the Aussie summer just as, much if not more than, those blue-sky days you’ve been dreaming about. Spring is our tip for seasonal travel.


Say what’s up to Sydney this year and come down under for your next adventure. Not sure where to start? Speak to an ANZCRO travel specialist today.