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ANZCRO (UK) (the Australia New Zealand Central Reservations Office) was initially established in 1990, with the UK office having been open since 2001. With our Head Office based in Southport, Australia, and offices in Queenstown New Zealand, & Truro, the company has successfully grown to become one of the largest tour operators to New Zealand, Australia & the South Pacific.   [read more..]


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Why travel to Australia and New Zealand

Why travel to Australia and New Zealand?

There’s a new world waiting for you below the equator, beyond the stimulating scenery of Japan and the Thai archipelago – travel to the bottom of the world. Although the flights are long and the time-zones can take some getting used to, the results are nothing short of heavenly and worth every minute of travel.

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most desirable holiday destinations on the planet, teasing would-be visitors with visions of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and feats of natural design so marvellous you can only stare open-mouthed and wide-eyed. Prepare to be transported.


The Best of New Zealand

Fact: New Zealand is one big bucket list. These celebrated three represent the best of both the North and South Islands, with an honourable mention going to the wild beauty of the Coromandel Peninsula, a short drive from Auckland.

1. Milford Sound

New Zealand is speckled with striking sights, but there’s something about the majestic Milford Sound that inspires silent awe. Take a charter, book a tour, or kayak the inlets others miss – there’s more than one way to see this ancient wonder of the world.

2. Abel Tasman National Park

Stretch your muscles and pack your hiking shoes, because Abel Tasman National Park will change the way you think about walking. Considered a quiet tramping capital, this mild-mannered haven of activity has everything you could want – pretty beaches, trails and tracks for all levels, kayaking opportunities, organised tours, and secret inlets we won’t reveal here. You’ll just have to explore for yourself!

3. The Bay of Islands

Welcome to the edge of paradise, where turquoise waves caress a hundred bobbing sailboats and a hole in a gigantic rock promises an aquatic experience of a different kind. Let relaxation run through your veins, trading work for rest, and fast food for the fresh taste of delicious produce from meal to meal. Perfection.


The Best of Australia

You could spend years exploring the Australian landscape. The sheer size of the continent covers off checklists for every sort of traveller, whether they be water lovers, geology enthusiasts, history buffs, beauty seekers, hikers, mountain climbers or shoppers… The Land Down Under satisfies everybody.

1. Daintree Rainforest

Considered to be one of the oldest rainforests in the world, the Daintree is the emerald jewel of Queensland’s coastline, fringing the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Delve into the interior of this natural feast, soaking in the atmosphere as you zip-line across the canopy, over running streams and surging rivers, to where the forest meets the mountains and fertile farmland.

2. The Great Barrier Reef

There aren’t enough words to describe the resplendent and colourful beauty of Australia’s vast Great Barrier Reef. While the world continues to hum with lightning activity, you’ll explore a foreign land of coral skylines and anemone corridors, rubbing fins with giant turtles, colourful fish and maybe a dolphin or two.

3. Uluru

Uluru has a dual identity as an international tourism icon and a sacred Indigenous site. Although in days gone by people climbed what they called Ayers Rock with little thought to its history, tours today focus on being immersive and educational. You’ll be invited to view the changing colours of the rock face according to the time of day, before learning more about the Dreamtime that inspired the cultural paintings nearby. An unmissable experience.

Expand your to-do list with these experiences and speak to ANZCRO today about designing the perfect holiday for you.